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Photography courtesy of   Benjamin Padolsky

Photography courtesy of Benjamin Padolsky

Snack connoisseur, collector of diversity, and designer at IBM.

Hey there! My name is Alisha and I'm a Service Design Strategist at IBM. Every day I develop my ability to speak the creative language in a job where the primary language is a corporate one. I constantly learn to take the needs and goals of my team and translate them into creative solutions.

Because design is important to all elements of life, I find it mandatory to keep inclusivity at the heart of everything I design. Inclusive design is not just about designing for people with disabilities, it’s about keeping the diversity and uniqueness of each individual in mind when you create. Inclusive design is about knowing your users, understanding their needs and challenges, and adjusting design approaches to ensure that each and every individual can successfully engage with your experience. 

I love travel, and food (especially snacks) and taking on new adventures. I believe in chaos to balance order, truth as a vehicle for freedom, and diversity with inclusion as a path for change and innovation. 

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