Afterhours ATX


Afterhours ATX


Alisha Moore — Program Lead
Cameron Sandage — Founding Organizer
Oen Hammonds — Advisor and Founding Organizer


Afterhours is an AIGA Austin event and nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the Central Texas community together. The goal of Afterhours is to leverage the power of art and design to support and publicize the important work being done by less-known Central Texas non-profits.


In 2015, the concept for Afterhours was started by a group of designers who wanted to make a social impact through creativity in the greater Central Texas community. Through months of nailing down the logistics and branding of the event, finding participants who would be willing to volunteer their skills and resources, curating final work and setting up space, the first Afterhours event was hosted at Lewis Carnegie in East Austin. 30 local artists were asked to created posters inspired by food in honor of the Central Texas Food Bank, and it was a huge success!

Afterhours was made possible by the efforts of the 2015 founding members. They include Cameron Sandage, Ryan Swedenborg, Oen Hammonds, Patrick Chew, Matthew Paul, Zoé Symon, Edmund Chow, Lauren Hartman, Austin Auth, Brad Neal, Jo-Yee Pang, and Mason Polka.

show details

Each year, we ask 40 artists to create original posters celebrating the work and causes of the selected non-profit. All the prints are sold over the course of the show with a portion of the proceeds going to our non-profit and the other portion going to our artists.

40 prints, 40 posters, $30 each
All posters are 18” x 24”

canvas battle

During Afterhours four artists are given a prompt, a 24″x 36″ art board, a handful of black markers, and 90 minutes to create a unique piece of art. The audience votes on the canvases and one artist is declared winner of the canvas battle. The artworks are then raffled off, with all proceeds benefiting our non-profit organization.

Photos courtesy of Benjamin Padolsky.